The International Horticultural Congress 2030 will be organized at Allianz MiCo Convention Centre, one of the largest Convention Centre in Europe and among the largest conference facilities worldwide.
Designed by Mario Bellini, launched in 2002 and doubled in size in 2005, the current extension offers:

  • 21,000 seats in existing conference rooms
  • 3,800 seats in plenary room
  • 1,500 seats auditorium
  • 54,000 square meters exhibition area
  • 73 breakout rooms from 20 to 2,000 seats
  • 1,500 rooms at 1.5 km distance from the centre

The conference rooms feature the full range of technologies: video projector, sound system, translator booths, fixed video cameras, closed circuit TV, Wi-Fi internet access and optical fiber cables.

All of this in downtown Milano, with a parking lot for more than 1,100 cars, a heliport and direct access to Milan’s Subway line 5 and line 1 at walking distance.



In close proximity of Allianz MiCo there are more than 1600 sleeping rooms distributed in hotels from the 3 to the 5 stars.
Bars, restaurants and coffee houses complete the offer of services available within walking distance from the main entrances of the convention centre.
The Allianz MiCo is right in front of the new Citylife district. The urban project that re-shaped the Portello area with the iconic architectures of its skyscrapers, residential buildings and shopping mall. The Citylife park is the ideal space where to spend some spare time during the events happening at the convention centre.





Closest Underground Stations (3)
0 Km
5,8 km
Central Station
5 km
Cadorna Station
2 km
Garibaldi Station
3.3 km
Linate Airport
12 km
Malpensa Airport
46 km
Orio al Serio Airport
56 km



MiCo North Level + 2

Silver Room
Plenary & parallel room (2000 pax)

MiCo South Level + 2

Gold Room
Opening Ceremony
(3800 pax)

MiCo North Level + 1

Red 1
Parallel room up to 400 pax

Red 2
Parallel room up to 400 pax

Blue 1
Parallel Room up to 250 pax

Blue 2
Parallel Room up to 250 pax

Yellow 1
Parallel Room up to 170 pax

Yellow 2
Parallel Room up to 170 pax

Yellow 3
Parallel Room up to 170 pax

Hall B = Expo Poster
Catering Area

MiCo North Level 0


MiCo North Level – 1

Green 1
Parallel room up to 140 pax

Green 2
Parallel room up to 140 pax

Green 3
Parallel room up to 140 pax

Turquoise 1
Parallel room up to 110 pax

Meeting 3
Meeting Room 15/20 pax

Meeting 4+5
Meeting Room 25/30 pax

Meeting 6
Meeting Room 25/30 pax

Office 5
Meeting Room 15/20 pax

Office 6
Meeting Room 15/20 pax



Download the floorplans of Allianz MiCo facilities.



Allianz MiCo CSR


Allianz MiCo care about the environment through several initiatives. Sustainability has always been an indispensable goal for the Allianz MiCo Milano Convention Centre. Over the years the Allianz MiCo’s management company has pursued it consistently and effectively using the most suitable means made available by technology and adopting the most appropriate solutions.


Air conditioning
The air conditioning is entrusted to a system equipped that allows obtaining the highest level of efficiency possible, with generous energy savings.

The lighting, with new-generation LED lamps with DALI technology, allows the reduction of up to 60 percent of energy consumption and extends the life of the equipments in use.

The flooring of many of the areas is made with a resin with a low solvent content that guarantees, just a few hours from the installation, a level of volatile compounds (VOC) of less than 1 percent and ensures a longer life and the reuse for new productions.

Since February 4th, 2020, Allianz MiCo hosts an urban apiary to promote biodiversity in the area.

Sustainability and environmental issues also concern the management of some areas in the surroundings of Allianz MiCo and a charging station for free-use electric cars.




As a Healthy Venue, Allianz MiCo is committed to…

  • Providing healthy food options across all of its menus
  • Providing water around the venue, free of charge, for your delegates
  • Helping clients design their meetings to promote less sedentary behaviour
  • Supporting clients in incorporating physical activity into their program
  • Promoting active travel to and from the venue



Allianz MiCo features a Wellness Lounge where you can find exercise equipment for practicing sports like the medicine ball, weights and barbells, yoga and pilates mats. Just a few meters from the meeting rooms, the Wellness Lounge offers its guests the opportunity to relieve stress in a luminous environment thanks to the huge window overlooking the streets of Milan. The Wellness Lounge has showers and changing rooms for the convenience of its guests.


A small space set aside between the main conference halls and above the exhibition area, reserved for prayer and meditation. This is how Allianz MiCo is meeting the needs of those wishing for a quiet interval between one conference session and another. Red carpet on the floor, a curtain separating the vestibule from the prayer area, a shoe rack, soft lights and complete silence: the purpose-designed austere and simply fitted prayer room satisfies a growing demand.


With the needs of delegates with small babies in mind, Allianz MiCo, in partnership with Chicco, has set up a nursery complete with changing mats, bottle-warmers, baby seats, toys, free strollers, bathroom and qualified staff upon request. Situated in the main reception hall, it is clearly signposted and easy to reach. A valuable service for delegates wishing to keep their infants close by and look after them even during congress proceedings or transfers from one area to another.